Pipe Fitting

Pipe Fitting

Welding of steel pipe Pipe fitting or pipefitting is the done for the purpose of installing or repairing piping or tubing systems that convey liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials. This work involves selecting and preparing pipe or tubing, joining it together by various means, and the location and repair of leaks. Pipe fitting work is done in many different settings: HVAC, manufacturing, hydraulics, refineries, nuclear-powered supercarriers and fast-attack submarines, computer chip fabrication plants, power plant construction, and other steam systems.

We work with a variety of pipe and tubing materials including several types of steel, copper, iron, aluminum, and plastic. Pipe fitting is not plumbing; the two are related but separate trades.

All Pipe Applications, Fabrication and Installation.

  • Carbon Steel Pipe
  • Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Copper
  • Ductile Pipe

Multiple Methods of Install Including:

  • Threaded
  • Welded
  • Fusion Welding
  • Glued

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